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How to Prepare Domestic Violence Defense in Hawaii


Penalties for domestic violence in Hawaii are quite strong and can have a negative effect that lasts for a very long time. As such, when accused, it is essential to understand how to prepare a domestic violence defense. The Hawaii domestic violence attorneys at Harrison & Matsuoka provide such information and related resources.


When accused of domestic violence, utilize the following suggestions toward preparing your defense:


Get a lawyerHawaii domestic violence laws can be complex and difficult to defend against. Further, law enforcement and legal bodies are not always ready or able to recognize the complexity of some situations, and instead rely on what seems to be the most logical conclusion (which is clearly not always correct). You need a lawyer to help defend you, to guide you in what to do and what not to do, and to take the right steps to overcome prior preconceived notions.


Act fast – Some forms of preliminary judgments, registration, bail setting and more can happen very quickly in domestic violence cases. Get a lawyer as soon as you can to help you in this process.

Post bail quickly – If necessary, post bail as quickly as possible so you can begin acting on your own behalf in gathering defense.


Deal with drug/alcohol issues – If drugs or alcohol are involved in your case, disclose that information and proceed to show that you are actively starting treatment to deal with it.


Temporary outburst – If the case, establish that the incident in question was isolated and not habitual.


Gather information on your behalf – Gather information that may support your case. For example, record instances that may indicate that the accuser may not be correct, or has a history of exaggeration or false accusations.


Mend fences – Do your best, if possible, to establish with the accuser that there is sorrow and desire to continue living together peacefully.


Watch your words – Remember that things you say can be used against you in court. Make sure to review what you will say with your legal representation.


Use resources – Investigate and access the services of organizations that help those accused of domestic abuse. For example, contact Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting (RADAR) for further information and support (info at


Hawaii Domestic Violence Defense Attorney


The Hawaii domestic violence attorneys at Harrison & Matsuoka bring over 25 years of service in defending those accused of domestic violence in providing top tier representation for their clients. We have garnered a reputation as leaders in Hawaii domestic violence defense. We provide highly effective legal services for our clientele.  For a consultation with the law firm of Harrison & Matsuoka, contact us today via our web based form, or call us at 808-523-7041.

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