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Hawaii Sexual Assault


The words sexual assault and rape are often used interchangeably and believed to possess the same meaning. This logic is not false, but not entirely true. Rape is categorized as sexual assault, but there are many other circumstances that are categorized as sexual assault as well. There is also another common bond between sexual assault and rape cases; they both require the guidance from a Hawaii sexual assault attorney. Sexual assault attorneys of Harrison & Matsuoka in Honolulu discuss the differences between sexual assault and rape, as well as how to develop a sexual assault defense.


Hawaii Sexual Assault Law


Sexual assault is a term used for all instances of unwelcome sexual advances and activity. For example, rape is generally a term used to describe a situation in which the offender does not know the victim and both are of an age over consent. If the victim were under the age of consent the crime would then be considered child molestation or sexual abuse to a child; rape and sexual abuse of a child are both considered Hawaii sexual assault. The term sexual assault encompasses many different occurrences other than rape, these events include:


• Child sexual abuse

• Sexual harassment

• Child molestation

• Acquaintance rape

• Incest

• Unwanted touching or grouping, but no sexual penetration


Sexual assault includes pretty much all types of unwanted sexual activity. When Hawaii sexual assault laws, including rape laws, are broken a rape defense lawyer should be contacted. A Hawaii sex crime lawyer will immediately begin to develop a strong sexual assault defense after being contacted.


Sexual Assault Defense


In order to develop a strong sexual assault defense the state of affairs will need to be thoroughly investigated. The Hawaii sexual assault attorney managing your defense will continue to evaluate the situation until he/she fully understands the events in question. After the investigation a Hawaii sexual assault attorney will develop the defense and use the evidence and testimonies to support the argument.


Understanding Hawaii "Statutory Rape" Charges


First Hawaii laws have done away with the terms "statutory" and "rape"- all "rape" offenses are now classified "sexual assaults," and the term "statutory" has been eliminated. The word sexual assault is typically associated with strong feelings of sexual force and violence; however, there are some categories of sexual assault that are nonviolent in nature. Sexual assault can be non-violent in nature, but is considered sexual assault due to the age of the victim. Hawaii sexual assault laws are greatly enforced in order to better protect the youth of Hawaii by ensuring individuals over the legal age will be punished for attempting to, or actually influencing, young adults to engage in sexual relations. Sexual assault lawyers from Harrison & Matsuoka in Hawaii provide information to help people understand sexual assault, including a description of what constitutes sexual assault.

Hawaii Sexual Assault Laws relating to minors


Hawaii sexual assault laws involving minors were created in order to protect adolescence from mature sexual influences and situations. "Sexual assault is categorized in different degrees; all degrees are considered a felony, but some degrees are less punishable then others. The age of consent in Hawaii is 14; any individual who is 5 years older than the minor could potentially face criminal charges. First-degree sexual assault in Hawaii is any sexual act with another person under the age of 14. It is also considered first-degree sexual assault when an individual five years older than a 14-15 year old engages in sexual relations with the individual between the ages of 14-15.

What Constitutes Sexual assault?


What constitutes sexual assault? This is a universal question in which many people are unaware of the exact answer. Sexual assault is the act of forcefully, whether by physical, mental or emotional force, engaging in sexual relations with someone who is unwilling, unable, or too naïve and immature to consent to sexual relations. Underage sexual assault is considered sexual assault because the victim is naïve, or not matured fully in the decision making process.

Sexual assault Lawyers in Hawaii


Sexual assault laws in Hawaii are strict and violations of these laws are categorized as a felony. If convicted, felony sexual assault charges could result in long prison incarcerations and the lifetime registration as a sex offender. When faced with severe penalties it is important to seek experienced legal counsel to guide your case throughout the litigation process. The first step after being charged with violating any sexual assault laws in Hawaii is to seek an experienced sexual assault lawyer. An attorney will aggressively defend your rights and charges at trial. We are a sexual assault law firm that has obtained successful results by trial and negotiations; contact our sexual assault attorneys at Harrison & Matsuoka today at 808-523-7041, or complete our web form for additional information or help with your case.

Hawaii Sex Crime Lawyers


People frequently believe Hawaii sexual assault and rape are the exactly the same, but sexual assault includes all unwanted or forcible sexual contact. Criminal acts such as child molestation are also considered sexual assault and punishable by harsh sentences; therefore, sexual assault require immediate legal attention. The most common mistake rape and sexual assault offenders make is not contacting an attorney immediately after arrest. Harrison & Matsuoka have developed many strong and effective sexual assault defenses for past clients and can build one for you. Contact our Hawaii sexual assault law as soon as possible after your arrest; protecting your future is our main priority.


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